T.Y.M. Hotels Ltd.

T.Y.M. Hotels Ltd. was established for the hotel and vacation industries and to engage in commercial and hotel real estate activities. It initiates and builds unique hotels for the modern era, situated in attractive locales.

With 30 years of work in the hotel construction industry in Israel and abroad, the Group has accumulated extensive experience and know-how in setting up hotels and hotel procurement. We are equipped to provide guidance and execution in many areas related to hotel development and can provide consultation from the initial idea stage, to concept formulation, location suitability, connections with planners and consultants, as well as planning, construction, and up to hotel procurement.

T.Y.M., together with its partners, acquired “The Village” Hotel in the Hula Valley, on the banks of the Jordan River, one of the most beautiful locations in Israel. In parallel, the company and its partners are jointly building the “Kedma” Hotel, located in Sde Boker. Jerusalem Gardens, T.Y.M.’s sister company, is serving as chief contractor of this project and is completing construction of the hotel on behalf of the partners.

Located near the Sapir Reserve in the Arava, the company and its partners were awarded the tender to establish a desert holiday village.

The company is currently exploring and planning additional projects in the hotel and real estate fields, in attractive and unique locations across Israel.