Jerusalem Gardens Mordoch Ltd.

Jerusalem Gardens Specializes in Stone Supply, Stone Construction, and Finishing Work for Buildings

Jerusalem Gardens Mordoch Ltd. focuses on executing all types of stone works.

Jerusalem Gardens Stone Works 1997 Ltd. focuses on stone supply.

For the past 30 years, Jerusalem Gardens Ltd. has been involved in some of the largest and most complex stone projects, both in Israel and globally. The company is renowned for its vast knowledge and the experience it has amassed in the field of stone construction.

Professionalism and responsiveness are the company’s guiding lights.

Each year, Jerusalem Gardens supplies hundreds of thousands of square meters of high-quality natural stone for public projects around the world. The company provides a one-stop-shop service for construction, and particularly for stone. This includes a comprehensive package starting with planning the details of the stone, production, supply and installation, and up to project completion. The company’s experienced, professional teams and managers execute all the stonemasonry and the various claddings needed for any project. The company is very agile and flexible when it comes to manpower and large-scale and/or distant projects. Its vast experience and wide-ranging knowledge enable the company to execute projects with complex specifications.

Jerusalem Gardens also works with stone factories located abroad. Wherever its carries out it work, the company has its own professional staff to manage and ensure stone orders are precisely executed. Company staff come from Israel to manage and supervise the work in factories abroad. The company also provides solutions in additional domains, such as preservation, plaster, paint, drywall, landscaping, flooring, metal works, and wood.

The company’s Architecture/Engineering Department offers planning services for each project, which include: planning details of the stone, stone layout design and installation, production tickets, planning on-site storage, engineering consulting, and general consulting, as needed by each project. In order to attain maximum efficiency and savings for each project, the company’s architects work together with the project’s architects and accompany them throughout the entire process with respect to the stone and its installation.

The company’s offices are adjacent to the Jerusalem Gardens factory, which constitutes the backbone of and provides the support for all projects. The Jerusalem Gardens factory performs special stonemasonry projects, completes the manufacturing processes for the stone, stores it, provides services as required for each project, and serves as a logistics center for projects.

Jerusalem Gardens credits many public buildings to its name, both in Israel and around the world, which have positioned the company as a leader in its field.

Some Prominent Projects

Plaza Hotel, New York | Intercontinental Hotel, Chicago | Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam | Café Royal Hotel, London | Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Jerusalem | Jerusalem Light Rail | David’s Village neighborhood and the Alrov Boulevard Mamilla Outdoor Mall, Jerusalem | Yitzhak Navon Railway Station, Jerusalem | Hospital Tower, Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem | Tel Aviv Museum | Edmund Safra Synagogue, New York | Annapolis Naval Academy Synagogue, US | Milwaukee Public Library | Salt Lake City Public Library | Hebrew Union College building, Jerusalem | Jerusalem Municipality building | Public buildings in Europe and the Far East, and others

Recent and ongoing projects:

  • Hundreds of thousands of square meters of supply and construction including unique stone details, planning details of the stone and professional accompaniment
  • Geological Institute in Jerusalem; Generi office building in Jerusalem; State Comptroller’s Office in Jerusalem; Alrov residential neighborhood in Jerusalem; Archeological Campus in Jerusalem
  • Schneller – exclusive residential compound in Jerusalem; Schneller Compound for preservation in Jerusalem; Gur Hasidim Study House in Jerusalem; Building for the Arts in Jerusalem; Menorah Compound; Azrieli College in Jerusalem; The Theater Residence in Jerusalem