Dear Customers,

On this site you will find examples of many different types of stone and stonework. Even with all the many photos we present here, there are still many more options. We invite you to contact us when you are ready to choose a stone and stone finishing for your project. Clearly, there is nothing like seeing the real thing but in the meantime, the site will give you direction and a “taste” of what is available.

Our professionals accompany you at all stages with anything you need: samples, visits to our factory, sites and quarries. There are many things to consider when choosing the right stone for a project including the type of finishing, the dimensions of the stone, and the construction method. We can advise you in all these areas using the vast knowledge and experience we have accumulated.

Jerusalem Gardens has access to every quarry and factory in the world and creates the stone finish as required. We have the knowledge, experience and connections earned through our many years in the field. We recommend that you take advantage of our experience and the range of our capabilities, as seen through the many photos on the site.

We have divided the photos of the different stones into Israeli stone and stones from around the world. With respect to types of stonework, there is traditional stonework, machine stonework and special stonework.


  • Israeli Stone

    Israeli stone made a strong entrance into the Israeli market in the 1990s. Until then it was used mostly in Jerusalem and its environs….

  • Stones from Around the Globe

    The range of types of stone around the world is immense. In contrast to local Israeli stone which is mainly limestone, the stones we…

  • Special Elements

    One of the things that makes Jerusalem Gardens unique is its knowledge and ability to execute special and complex stonework on a large scale….

  • Artificial Stone and More

    In addition to specializing in stonework, Jerusalem Gardens also uses other materials for flooring and cladding – Neolite, Laminam, and Dekton – thin industrial…