Special Elements

One of the things that makes Jerusalem Gardens unique is its knowledge and ability to execute special and complex stonework on a large scale.

We provide solutions for each unique element created by the client or designer. Jerusalem Gardens has a great deal of experience and specializes in executing unique stonework. This includes items for the home and building such as special sinks, cornices, sculpted panels, stylized stone columns, and more. All these can be implemented for large projects as well. We also execute exceptionally large stone panels with unique stonework, special arches, large number of columns, engraving and special sculpting for elements, fountains, mosaics, and more.

Among our projects can be found the Edmond Safra Synagogue in Manhattan with especially large stone elements; a wall resembling the Western Wall and a mosaic in the synagogue at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis; a wide range of special stonework at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan; amazing stone sculptures at St. Paul’s Church in Ohio, and many others.