Artificial Stone and More

In addition to specializing in stonework, Jerusalem Gardens also uses other materials for flooring and cladding – Neolite, Laminam, and Dekton – thin industrial stone and in particularly large sizes. We use industrial stone with the appearance of Jerusalem stone, ceramic tiles, porcelain, interlocking paving stones, and terrazzo tiles.

Among our various projects:

  • Ceramic tile flooring – Hadassah Hospital, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
  • Granite porcelain cladding (90×90 cm.) – Tal Hotel, HaYarkon Street, Tel Aviv
  • Industrial stone cladding, Dekton – Green Park project, Tel Aviv
  • Patterned terrazzo tile flooring – Building 13, Jerusalem Municipality; W Hotel, Jaffa
  • Ultra-thin Laminam porcelain cladding for lobbies and Dekton cladding for elevator frames – HaShmura Cliffs project, Netanya