Israeli Stone

Israeli stone made a strong entrance into the Israeli market in the 1990s. Until then it was used mostly in Jerusalem and its environs. Israelis discovered the beauty of this local natural material and understood that it is the most appropriate for them. The stone is used for flooring and is very beautiful when finished with an “antique” appearance; the stone is also used for cladding in showers and kitchens, and of course, as cladding for houses, and for paving and landscaping.

The development of technology which protects the stone – sealants and the like, and the realization that the stone ages beautifully and can be repaired, has brought many people in the private and public sectors to use local stone.

The stone’s warm colors and textures suit the Israeli nature and environment.

The stone lasts hundreds and even thousands of years and there is no need to change it, in contrast to other materials which go in and out of fashion.